Mental Skills Assessments

Assessments in sport can provide athletes and coaches useful information about an athlete’s mental skills, communication style, learning stye, competitiveness, motivation, leadership characteristics, personality, confidence and much more. Assessments can be administered to individuals or teams and feedback session can be used to review/interpret the results and further develop athletes.

1-1 Mental Performance Coaching

1-1 Mental Skills and Performance Coaching is designed to enhance performance of athletes. Using a three-pronged approach to athlete education, performance optimization, and performance maintenance mental skill coaching systematically builds the habits of the elite. Results include self-awareness, building confidence, enhancing focus/concentration, athletes wellness and much more.

Organizational Development

The competitive nature of sports has changed the face of what organizations now need. While we spend countless hours developing our athletes, who is developing our leaders, coaches, and support staff? As the sporting landscape changes around us, the need for organizational development is too. Organizational culture, leadership, communication, employee wellness, and much more are all more important than ever.

Team Performance Coaching

Team Performance coaching is designed to enhance the performance of teams through team cohesion. To build a successful team today you need to develop each individual within the team environment. This is done through developing culture, team cohesion, communication, and much more!

Career Advising & Consultation

Career Advising services are to assist an Athlete in determining the right path for their career in their sport and the classroom. The Career Advising services focus on coordinating athletic, education, and life goals using a strength and interests based approach.  

Other Services

Check out our bookings page for a complete list of all the performance enhancement services we offer including:

  • Breath Control
  • Functional Movement and Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Performance Analysis and Analytics Testing